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Cybex Balios S Lux vs Nuna Mixx (2023)

by Jason

You’re looking for a quality stroller and you’ve set your sights on the cybex balios s lux and the nuna mixx. These are two really nice strollers but your budget only allows you to pick one.

So here’s what we’re going to do, we’ll talk extensively on the two and then leave you to make an informed decision. Capische?

The cybex balios s lux

Cybex Balios S Lux vs Nuna Mixx

The cybex balios s lux weighs 25.7 pounds and can take up to 48 pounds of weight in the seat, as well as 22 pounds in the shopping basket located at the bottom.

It’s seat is comfortable and adjustable, with the option to either recline to an almost flat position or set in an upright position. There’s also a decently long and adjustable leg rest.

The materials of the seat feel a bit premium and have a nice padding, more padding than what the previous version of this model had. Although the frame of the seat itself is sturdy and well built, the mechanical elements of the canopy and the joints that houses the adjusting mechanism for the leg rest feel weak and poorly done.

Also, there’s this looseness at the point of connection between the frame and the chassis. You might run into problems with this later as your stroller usage slowly wears it down further.

The sun protection (canopy)

The sun protection is decent actually. There’s an extending portion of the canopy concealed by a zip. Unzip it to reveal more sun protection, which, when fully extended covers the baby really well, both in the upright and the reclined seating position.

This stroller has an adjustable handle that goes between 99 and 109 cm, as well as a large and easily accessible shopping basket, all for the comfort of the parents. Note, the handle of this stroller tends to feel looser than other models so it might not be too easy to unlock both sides of the chassis at the same time. Although it feels loose, it still does a very good job of handling the entire weight of the stroller.

As for folding the stroller, the cybex balios s lux can easily be folded with one hand, down to one single piece. When you’ve folded it, it might feel a bit heavy but at least there’s an even better placed handle to lift it with.

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Driving the cybex balios s lux

Despite the fact that the handle feels loose and fiddly, when you actually start pushing the stroller, you’ll quickly notice that this model has a more rigid feel to it. You’ll also notice the nice and solid bounce from the suspension mechanism.

The wheel base is wide, making it capable of handling rough terrains like cobblestones without it shaking too much. It also feels much lighter to maneuver over smooth streets.

Should you get the cybex balios s lux?

You should get this stroller. If you need a reversible stroller mainly for urban use, and you’re worried about rough terrains like cobblestones, smashed sidewalks, then this stroller would do nicely. Also, if price is a dealbreaker, I’ll recommend you get this because this stroller outperforms most others in its price range and even a bit higher.

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The Nuna Mixx (next)

Cybex Balios S Lux vs Nuna Mixx

The nuna mixx next stroller is a mid sized stroller with regards weight and size. It weighs 24.2 pounds and can carry 48 pounds in the seat, as well as 11 pounds in the under-sling shopping basket.

Although the material used in making the seat is really nice and built to provide maximum comfort in different weather conditions, the overall size of the seat is a bit small, which is a disappointment considering the price. However, as far as adjusting goes, the seat is able to recline to an almost flat position, as well as adjust to an upright position.

Unfortunately, the leg rest isn’t well built with low horizontal support, and the textile material doing all the work. This isn’t much of a problem until your child is more than a year old and their legs become heavier, then you’ll begin to see the textile material start sagging. You don’t even want to know how inadequately the leg rest will function once your child clocks two.

The foot rest is not attached to the seat frame but rather attached to the front frame. This is a problem because should you decide to reverse the seat, it wont have a leg rest.

The sun protection does the job decently well and has an extension concealed by a zip. However, the joint and overall mechanism that holds the canopy open isn’t well built. This causes the canopy to start shaking and bouncing when the stroller crosses a rough terrain that causes it to vibrate. This problem would only get worse with time as the mechanism continues to take more damage.

The nuna mixx has a high handle that adjusts between 104 to 114cm. It also has a large and spacious shopping basket at the bottom.

Folding the nuna mixx

Cybex Balios S Lux vs Nuna Mixx

Folding this stroller isn’t very easy with one hand. It’s obviously doable but it’s not something that can be done snappily. You don’t have to remove the seat before you fold it though. When folded, it has quite a bulky cubicle look and feel to it, and although it would fit nicely into most trunks, the overall shape makes it quite a hassle to carry around with your hands.

Driving the nuna mixx

Driving it doesn’t feel rigid, it actually feels a bit flexible or malleable, or bouncy. The decently sized, foam-filled tyres makes it ply several types of terrains (even rough ones like cobblestones) easily in relatively to its size. It’s not very comfortable to move this stroller around with one hand, contrary to the way it might have been advertised. You’ll begin to feel the non rigidity much more when you use one hand.

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Should you buy the nuna mixx?

It depends on your preferences and your lifestyle. If you live in rougher environments (terrain) then you should go for this. Also, if you need something that’ll fit into your trunk, you should also buy this. However, you should know that the seat is quite small so you’ll be sacrificing a bit of your child’s comfort.

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Cybex Balios S Lux vs Nuna Mixx

In weight: The nuna mixx is lighter, weighing 24.2 pounds as opposed to the cybex balios s lux which weighs 25.7 pounds. (Cybex 0: Nuna 1)

In seating comfort: The cybex feels more comfortable and also has more room. (Cybex 1: Nuna 1)

Leg rest: Both strollers have an underlying problem with the mechanism. However, the fact that the leg rest is not attached to the seating frame of the nuna puts it at a disadvantage: ( Cybex 2: Nuna 1)

Folding: The cybex leads this one because the nuna folds to a form that’s quite bulky to hold. (Cybex 3: Nuna 1)

Driving: The handle of the cybex feels flexible but the body is rigid. However, the entire body of the nuna feels flexible when you’re pushing it. It just feels more comfortable driving the cybex than the nuna (Cybex 4: Nuna 1)

Overall: Cybex balios s lux (4) Nuna mixx (1)

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