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Should I Buy The Uppababy Vista Bryce?

by Jason

Should you get the Uppababy Vista Bryce? Should you not get it? Let’s find out.

The main selling point of the Vista brand in general is the longevity and overall build quality. When you buy a Vista, you’re getting a system that’ll withstand multiple kids over a very long period of time. It’s expansion features means you can accommodate two children.

The frame has a nice and robust suspension as well as wheels which provide great handling when plying uneven areas. It has a reversible seat, a lot of space for storage, adjustable canopy, and an almost flat recline. This is why it’s one of the most popular strollers on the market.

One of the biggest updates that were made to this version as opposed to the previous is in the seat. The main toddler seat on the Vista V2 is a bit bigger, up to 20 inches higher, as well as a 2.5 inch foot rest.

Uppababy vista bryce

This stroller offers an upgraded suspension system as well as softer wheels for better maneuverability. There’s also a more streamlined basket and a non retread harness.

The canopy

In the older model, the extendable shade had always been tucked well into the canopy, and although it’s not necessarily a bad design, it was somehow flimsy and failed to provide sufficient coverage. However in this model, the canopy can extend to three panels, the last being tucked into a zipper for added protection. There’s also a mesh window for added ventilation.

The system has a bassinet which is suitable for babies weighing up to 20 pounds, and is safe for sleeping when you decide to use it with it’s bassinet stand.

How to fold

On either sides of the frame are buttons you’ll need to press simultaneously to fold the stroller. Most people who have used this stroller have appreciated how slim and compact it gets when folded.

The handlebar folds like a telescope and the part you’ll grab is padded with hand-stitched leather. You don’t have to worry about different people of different heights pushing the stroller, the handlebar has an extendable range of 100 to 108cm.

The wheels are made of polyurethane material, the front being 8 inches and the back being 11½ inches. Like said earlier, the tyres are softer with new and improved spring systems for smoother rides across a range of terrains. It also comes with a wheel lock indicator for the front wheels, as well as pedal brakes with color indicators to show you when it’s been engaged.

The push is very smooth, it practically glides on the floor. When you push it, you’ll know you’re pushing something premium.


  • Fold is compact and slim
  • Easy to put in your trunk
  • The customer support is very impressive.
  • It’s very durable, users have reported splurging on the stroller and never looking back, due to how long it lasts without needing any form of maintenance.


  • Its very expensive, we’re talking more than $1k.


This is a very good and premium stroller, worth the money. If you have a large budget or you can afford to squeeze it through, I’ll advise you to go for this, most especially because of the durability (you won’t need to do maintenance or even buy a new one anytime soon), and the fact that it’s extremely comfortable and light to push around.

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