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Can I Carry Stroller in Flight Without Baby?

by Jason

Can I Carry Stroller in Flight Without Baby?

Maybe you’ve got someone else carrying your baby and all you’re left with is the stroller, maybe your baby is already at the destination and you want to carry the stroller on it’s own.

Whatever the case is, you want to carry your baby stroller into a plane without the baby being in it and you’re worried if they’ll charge you extra, and where exactly they’ll put the stroller.

Can i carry stroller in flight without baby? The simple answer to this question is yes. You see, normally, if you’re about to board a plane and you carry a stroller with a baby in it, most airlines will see it as a complimentary item and will allow you to carry one for free, on top of your carry-on bag.

However, if you are carrying one without a baby in it, as is this case, it’s going to be different. While they will allow you go through, as I said before, the empty stroller will be checked in while your baggage is also being checked.

In most cases, the stroller will not pass as a carry-on luggage unless it’s very small, compact and foldable. Like the baby zen yoyo, and even that will ultimately depend on the airline’s decision. As for whether you’ll attract more cost, well, you’ll need to check it as a separate luggage so of course it will attract more cost.

Can I carry stroller in flight without baby? Yes you can because they won’t restrict you from doing so, but in most cases you’ll have to check it as a separate luggage, which will attract more cost.

Note: This response applies to most airlines in the US. However, it’s important to note that it ultimately depends on the airline.

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