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Zummi Eden Compact Stroller Reviews

by Jason

The Zummi Eden Compact Stroller is truly the perfect lightweight stroller for parents who travel very often. It’s weight capacity encompasses a child’s weight from birth all the way to 22kg, which is typically 4 to 6yrs old.

The stroller comes with a reclining seat that is adequately padded, as well as an adjustable calf and back rest for more comfort while your baby is traveling. It also has a 5 point harness system for safety as well as padded shoulders.

If the footrest is all the way up, the seat is almost 14 inches in length and the back rest is about 18 inches tall. Even if your child is a bit on the tall side, with the legs a bit off the end of the footrest, chances are he’ll still be quite comfortable moving around. Of course this is a bit of an extreme but the stroller will be able to handle it.

The zummi eden has push chair that’s foldable, with its one-hand fold system, you’ll be able to fold the entire unit into an easy carry within seconds. As a matter of fact, its so compact that it could go into the overhead locker of a plane, however, I doubt most airlines will be pleased with you bringing it on board unless you choose to register it as your 10kg (22.05 pounds) luggage allowance.

Oh, and it has a bar you can push it with as opposed to two handles, if this information means anything to you.

What about the controls?

This stroller has a well constructed suspension system for the 4 wheels, as well as puncture resistant tyres. All of these are in place to ensure that moving the stroller is as smooth and hitch-free as possible.

The stroller comes with a storage basket that’s quite large, a comfortable bumper bar that has a leatherette cushioning, and a rain cover. It also has a mesh window on the frame for cross ventilation and also to look at your child without having to walk all the way to the front. You can zip and unzip it.

The features in a nut shell are

  • Adjustable back rest with a 5 point safety harness
  • A foot rest that can go two positions
  • A folding system which requires just one hand
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • The push chair weighs 19.6 pounds
  • Measurements of the stroller when it’s been assembled: 80D by 51W by 104CM
  • Measurement when folded (bumper bar included) 30D by 51W by 74 CM


The major problem I faced with this stroller is the fact that the harness is stressful to deal with. By stressful I mean fiddly. The harness is fiddly to adjust. Also, the fabric can make some clothing material a bit slippery, making your child to find it difficult sitting straight without sliding down.


Personally I’d advise you to purchase this stroller just because of how compact it is, and how it collapses easily, with one hand. A very good choice for frequent travellers. I also find the downside to be more child specific than a general stroller issue.

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