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How to Fold Joovy Double Stroller

by Jason

How to fold joovy qool double stroller

The joovy qool double stroller is a must have stroller if you have twins or triplets. It can convert to double if you add another seat, though sold separate.

This stroller truly has a luxury look and feel to it with its leather handle bar, and dark sturdy frame. Keep reading to know more about the joovy qool double stroller.

Canopy of the joovy qool double stroller

The stroller has a panel which zips shut to provide more protection from the sun. There’s also a mesh window for cross ventilation as well as for checking on your child.

Joovy qool double stroller with bench seat

The seats have a 5-point harness system for safety. They also have the ability to withstand a lot of weight, with the main and other seat able to hold up to 55 pounds.

The joovy qool double stroller can recline really well, almost to a flat position. Lifting your child out or setting your child in is much easier now as a result of the removable bumper. There’s a foot lining made of rubber at the bottom of the seat to trap dirt.

If you want to take out the seat, all you need to do is press the two buttons on either side of the seat, and lift the seat out. The seat can only take 44 inches in height.

Joovy qool double stroller weight and weight capacity

In total, the entire stroller can hold up 135 pounds of weight without it getting damaged at the wheels.

Joovy qool double stroller wheels

The wheels are made of rubber, with the front being 8.5 inches and the back being 12 inches. They can handle a wide variety of terrains like rocky, grassy, sandy, without the tyres wearing off. The front tyres can swivel effortlessly, adding to its maneuverability.

Joovy qool double stroller configurations and speculations

  • Weight: 30.6 pounds
  • Seats: 55 pounds each
  • Bench seat: 55 pounds
  • Dimensions (open): 39.96″L X 24.80″W X 40.16″H.
  • Dimensions (folded): 37.01″L X 24.80″W X 17.72″H.
  • Adjustable handlebar: 39″ to 42″

How to fold joovy qool double stroller

How to fold joovy qool double stroller

Make sure the main seat is in the middle before you attempt to fold it, and if you’re using a second seat, remove it.

Press the buttons on both sides of the handlebar and the joovy qool double stroller will fold easily. When it folds, you’ll hear a click sound.

Pros of the joovy qool double stroller


  • The tyres are tough and durable. Wheels are sealed to prevent dirt from entering.
  • It has a large, easy to access basket where you can keep your stuff.
  • There’s a well placed snack tray that won’t get kicked around by your child’s feet by accident.
  • The stroller can either be parent or forward facing. It’s modular.
  • It reclines really well to an almost flat position.

Cons of the joovy qool double stroller

  • This is one of the heaviest full sized strollers on the market.
  • You can’t adjust the foot rest
  • It takes a lot of space even when folded.

My opinion on this stroller

I didn’t have to buy another stroller after I bought this one. Also, despite how premium it looks and feels, it’s still not as expensive as the other ones I tried to buy, you’ll get one for about $470 or so. Even with two kids on board, it still moved smoothly.

What I mentioned above are all nice and cool, but the biggest selling point for me was just how strong and durable the tyres were. The path to my house has been filled with granite so it would have felt so uncomfortable and bumpy, were it not for the tyres itself and the suspension which did it’s job very well.

The whole thing feels sturdy, you’re not going to be hearing creaking sounds when you push it around. You’ll also love how comfortable to the touch the handlebar is.

I’ll advise you to buy this product, it’s great value for your money. Also, you’ll most likely not need to buy a replacement for a long time.

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