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Everything You Need to Know About the Silver Cross Wave stroller

by Jason

Everything You Need to Know About the Silver Cross Wave stroller

Silver Cross isn’t a newbie in the stroller game, and has been making strollers since 1877. It’s actually been known for making premium and exquisite strollers such as Heritage, and Heirloom, hand-crafted in England for over a century.

However, we’re going to look at how well it’s modern versions live up to standard, and how well it can stand on its own, and in this case, we’re going to be looking at the Silver Cross Wave (particularly the 2021 version) with regards to how comfortable it is for kids, how easy it is on the parents, etc.

Everything You Need to Know About the Silver Cross Wave stroller


The 2021 version of the Silver Cross Wave weighs 26 pounds and when folded, measures exactly 94 by 58 by 38 cm. The seat can take a total weight of 55 pounds, whereas the shopping basket can take about 33 pounds.

With regards the textile material, you’ll be getting an okay quality if you’re a fan of shiny leather. You can remove the textile to wash it but it’s not very easy to remove though.

I won’t say the seat is small but it’s not big either, and unless the child is two and under, it might get a little bit cramped up in there, most especially with the width. Also, if you try to place an older child in there, the leg support might begin to get insufficient.

Attaching the frame to the chassis requires a little bit of dexterity because the seat struts don’t easily find the right position at the same time.

The stroller provides extra protection from the sun, in terms of its canopy. It’s design is simple and effective.

Pros of the Silver Cross Wave stroller

  • The chassis itself is well built and has excellent horizontal support.
  • Extra protection from the sun.
  • The material is comfortable and easy to wash.
  • The model has a good range with regards to its handle height.
  • It has a spacious shopping basket.

Cons of the Silver Cross Wave stroller

  • The overall size is too bulky and could be quite a hassle to push it around, even when you’re using it as a one-child model.
  • Due to its size, its not easy to pack away.
  • The model feels a bit unsuspended and stiff.
  • Handle feels creaky, right out of the box. Apart from the annoying sounds it makes, it’s also quite indicative of looseness in the points of connection around the handle extension.
  • The brake system isn’t very good. Not because it does not do what it’s supposed to do but because the major components are wire-based and the wire is exposed, making it prone to getting damaged by rust.


I’m a bit iffy about purchasing this brand. While it may not be all that bad, there’s still a lot of baggage to look past, too much baggage. It’s clear this model didn’t really live up to the silver cross standard.

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