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Review of Bayer Twin Doll Pram Neo

by Jason

If you’re child loves playing with dolls, then the Bayer twin doll pram neo is an ideal choice. The Bayer twin doll pram neo goes really well for dolls that are up to 46cm in length. It’s easy for your child to move around, easy to assemble and disassemble, and also easy to fold.

The pram has a flexible sun protection, and a handle bar that can be adjusted to fit your child’s height . Each seat can be inserted towards the child or in the direction of travel. Speaking of traveling, whenever you’re ready to travel, the pram can easily be folded so it can save up space.

The seats for the pram can either be positioned directly in front of each other or at an angle to each other.

The whole thing looks bright and colorful, and I’m very sure your daughter would love the pink and deep blue color. There’s also room for like 2 dolls in there, I remember comfortably fitting a doll (I think it’s that baby wearing blue on cocomelon) into just one compartment, with room for one more doll. This was even without attaching the twin pram to the setup.

Oh yh I just found out the doll’s name is JJ, good to know.

I was kinda worried about shock absorption in the tyres until I remembered a frigging doll was going to go in the pram, so no harm there I guess. Whether or not the sun shade gave protection from UV light also crossed my mind once, until, once again, I remembered a doll would be in the pram.

However, you also have to be concerned about the safety of the person pushing it. Which is why I commend the manufacturers for making the tyres really sturdy. This makes it okay for your child to take it outside to slightly rough terrains.

Some more features of the bayer twin doll pram neo

Bayer Twin Doll Pram Neo Review

The handle is 60 to 80cm, making it capable of growing with your child. Also, it’s suitable for kids aged 3 and above (till maybe 7). It’s great for plush toys, functioning dolls, as well as talking dolls.

There’s also a diaper bag which has a zipper, and can be used as a handbag or a shoulder bag. Front wheel is swivel enabled. Lastly, it has length of 81cm, height of 81.5cm, and width of 41.5cm.

My opinion

The pram is really light and easy to fold, that even your child can do it. Actually in hindsight, don’t let your child fold it. It also has a shopping basket where your child can put, I don’t know, rocks?

The whole thing is easy to push around, has other configurations you can set up (like the twin pram facing each other), has colors that will appeal to most children, and is sure to keep your child occupied.

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