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Wisesonle Stroller Review

by Jason

Wisesonle Stroller Review

The wisesonle stroller is an ideal travel system for your child. It comes with an infant carrier, a mosquito net and an overall waterproof protection for the entire stroller.

This unit boasts of 3 forms of baby carriage, namely; car seat mode, push mode, and sleep mode, best of all, they all come at one price as opposed to most others that you’ll have to buy them separately. You’ll also be getting a stroller that’s two-facing. This means your baby can either face you or you can easily flip it to face forward.

Wisesonle stroller review

The wisesonle stroller has a multi function use. For example, it can be configured into a baby cradle, a baby cart, a mobile crib, baby carrier, and of course the baby stroller itself. It also has a sleeping basket mode. However, without a base, the stroller can’t be used as a car seat.

One of the more prominent safety features of this stroller is the well built shock absorption system. You’ll immediately realize upon usage just how much care was taken to build the shock absorption.

Some other safety features include a 5 point safety belt, a one foot brake, and a detachable and adjustable handlebar.

Additional information

  • It has a canopy window to protect from sunlight
  • A large and spacious storage basket
  • The brakes are mounted at the rear wheels so the whole thing doesn’t tip over when you use the brakes.
  • There’s enough room for the baby to lie down or sit.
  • The recommended age is from newborn to 3yrs.
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