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Mima Xari Kinderwagen Review

by Jason

The Mima Xari Kinderwagen is a unique stroller that’s said to truly grow with your child. It has a characteristic shell-shaped seat that’s finished with a beautiful leather look, as well as a wear-resistant plastic.

The fashionably sleek design is something that’ll make you feel very confident pushing your stroller around as a parent, I for one prefer the denim blue design, although most others I’ve seen were just okay with the graphite gray.

It’s wheels are made of rupture-proof material, and the front wheels are lockable to prevent unwanted swiveling when navigating shaky surfaces. Also, the frame is well designed to support the entire structure, in other words, it doesn’t feel flimsy and overly flexible when you’re moving it around.

How user friendly is the stroller?

Mima xari kinderwagen review

The mima xari kinderwagen has a unique carrycot system which enables the seat to be converted into a travel cot with ease. Also, the carrycot is suitable from birth to about 6 months. Oh, and the carrycot can easily be attached to the sides, as well as effortlessly removed for a more convenient handling.

Note: if you want to convert the seat into a travel cot, all you need to do is unzip the seating area. Also, if you want to store the stroller and you’re quite short of space, you can fold the frame because it makes it look more compact, and it also stands on its own while folded.

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Like stated earlier, the wheels are made of puncture-resistant foamy material, while also offering you the same feel as when you’re driving on pneumatic tires. It also has an adjustable push bar that’s controlled by side-mounted buttons, designed to accommodate different heights. Suspension wheels make it very easy for the stroller to navigate smoothly around bends and sidewalks.

The mima xari kinderwagen’s frame has a roomy shopping basket as well as a rear braking system. It’s frame also folds easily with the wooden buttons at the top firmly securing it in place.

The seat has different positions such as a light mode and a relaxing mode. Also, the seat can be made to face you, facilitating a smooth transition from the cradle to the seat.

What sets the Mima Xari apart is the option to purchase a compatible car seat. The car seat seamlessly clicks onto the frame with the use of adapters. Notably, the car seat, developed in collaboration with BeSafe, ensures high safety standards.

The innovative feature of attaching the seat belts to the side with magnets enhances the ease of placing your child in the car seat.

Additionally, the car seat comes with accessories, such as a stylish nursery bag and a footmuff.

Features of the mima xari kinderwagen

  • Adjustable seats— towards the mom or the world
  • Seat can also be adjusted into 3 positions— from seating to resting
  • It has swivel wheels at the front
  • Quite easy to maintain
  • Foam, puncture-proof tires
  • Luggage basket
  • Easy to fold
  • Suitable from birth up to 37.48 pounds
  • It comes with a rain cover, sun canopy, frame, carrycot, seating area, as well as wind cover
  • It meets European safety requirements
  • The wheels have suspension

Pros of the mima xari kinderwagen

  • Has rain cover
  • Unique design
  • A reversible seat
  • Push handle can be adjusted in 3 places
  • Puncture-proof tires


  • The shopping basket is quite roomy but smaller than its competitors.’

What about the mima xari kinderwagen 3-in-1?

The mima xari kinderwagen 3-in-1 basic features: convertible stroller seat, a mattress featuring a travel cot, rain protection, as well as a seat cushion.

It features a patented design known as “travel cot inside”, enabling it to turn into a travel cot in only 15 seconds.

Some other features include:

  • 2 baskets, both bearing magnetic lids. Also, the rear basket has a bag to help carry stuff easily.
  • Made up of quality materials — the EVA is encased in polyurethane material, making the whole thing easy to clean, as well as lightweight (weight of chassis+seat is 29.5 pounds)
  • 5 point adjustable safety harness
  • The front wheels have a full 360° swivel as well as a locking system
  • Rear wheels have brakes that can be deployed by foot.

Mima xari kolica review

Mima xari kolica

The mima xari kolica stroller looks a bit similar to the kinderwagen in terms of design. They both have that characteristic shell-shaped seating design. The sun canopy is made up of 3 segments which can be pushed all the way forward for extra protection.

You’ll also get a rain cover, two baskets, one of them at the bottom front (which has a draw string bag), and there’s also another smaller one at the opposite side to store your rain cover. The canopy is removable. If you want to remove the  carry cot, there’s a zip at the side of the seat, just pull on it. The other piece (the one that was separated from the carry cot) can then be kept aside until your baby is 6 months old.

In order to assemble the carry cot, there’s a mechanism at the part of the carry cot where the baby’s head will likely be. Pull on it, and then go to the part where the leg will likely be, you know what, it’ll be much easier if you saw it for yourself. The carry cot is suitable for the first 6 months of your baby’s life. It comes with an apron to keep away the elements from your child.

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