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Hiccapop Uberboost vs Bubblebum Booster Seat

by Jason

Hiccapop Uberboost vs Bubblebum

There’s going to be a few criteria that’ll be looked into and boxes that’ll be checked in this direct comparison between these two booster seats. But firstly,

Brief explanation on the Hiccapop Uberboost booster seat



The Hiccapop uberboost inflatable booster seat is very portable, easy to slip into your suitcase without compromising on quality. It also meets up with safety regulations. Plus it’s not expensive.

This seat was made for kids who are between the ages 4 to 10 and can carry weight of up to 110 pounds. It doesn’t have a 5 point harness so the added safety isn’t there. This is why I don’t want to make it my everyday choice. However, if I want to travel out of town, I typically bring it out because it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my luggage.

Also, if you choose to go by air, place it close to you where it’ll be easier to reach. The whole thing is easy to pack up and when you want to set it up, you only need about 5 breaths to get it fully inflated.

What’s it made of and what does it come with?

Hiccapop uberboost is made from a durable vinyl which the company has also used to make some other inflatable products. Despite the fact that it’s big enough to accommodate a 10yr old, it still weighs less than 2 pounds.

The product comes with an instruction manual, a shoulder belt adjusting mechanism, a compact bag to carry it, and some spare patches to plug any leaks that could pop up on the booster seat.

Although I mentioned something about a plane earlier, it’s not ideal to use the product itself in an airplane, you just have to leave it in your carry-on.

The Hiccapop uberboost has a shoulder strap that can be used to hold the seat belt at a comfortable and safe place. My 7yr old found the booster seat very comfortable despite using it for 2hrs.

I was quite concerned about the metal clips meant to keep the seat belt safe as it goes across his laps. I felt it would make the seat belt a bit too tight, he tends to get very restless when he needs to be in one place for long, so he might find it too restricting. However, the fitting was quite alright. He was still restless though, but I’m glad it wasn’t because of the seat.

The cover of the seat is removable and can be washed in the washing machine. I talked about the vinyl material and how durable it is but I feel like I didn’t do it justice. You see, I was very worried that the seat would puncture easily and I would have to bust out my handyman skills, which are currently on life support.

Fortunately I’ve been using this for over a year and I haven’t had the need to patch it. It also holds air for a really long time, up to 7 days.

The Hiccapop uberboost has a large part at the bottom of the seat that is made of silicone. It’s designed in such a way that the seat won’t slip from your grip.

Setting and Installing the Hiccapop Uberboost

All you need to do is to remove the cover (unzip it), and then blow into the black valve. When you’re blowing, you don’t have to constantly use your finger to block the valve to prevent air from escaping between breaths. The valve has a flap that seals on its own to prevent this.

You may be worried that after a long period of use, constant pressure on it, temperature changes, etc that the valve might weaken and to that I say, you might be right.

However, if it does happen, Hiccapop has a lifetime warranty that covers such scenario.

How do I pack up the Hiccapop uberboost?

Open the covering of the valve and use your finger to continuously push into the hole, air should start escaping. While you’re doing it, roll the seat until it’s shaped like a burrito. This would make it super easy to pack up and store inside a backpack.

Pros of the Hiccapop Uberboost

  • It’s resistant to slipping when you hold it
  • The cover is safe to be washed in the machine
  • It’s quick and easy to set up
  • It’s quick and easy to deflate and put away
  • The company has excellent customer service
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • The seat is a bit bigger than other travel booster seats, unless that’s what you’re after, but I’m not.
  • The shoulder belt is quite bulky and your child might not find it comfortable.

My hiccapop uberboost inflatable booster seat review

Although it’s a bit big for my liking, I still prefer it to the others within a similar price range. I’ve heard many complaints about how the seat would slip out and leave the child at an uncomfortable position. This is an issue I’ve never faced while using this product.
Check it out here: Hiccapop uberboost

The bubblebum booster seat

The bubblebum is an inflatable booster seat that’s kind of smaller than the conventional, typical car seats and traditional backless booster seats. Though it’s very lightweight, it doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy when you’re holding it.

It’s safety standards are on par with government regulations and they have models that satisfy the safety requirements of both American and European markets. The major safety mechanism it has is the ability to boost your child up a few inches in order for the adult seat belt to hold them in place. It then uses the clips it comes with to fasten the adult seat belt firmly in place.

Another fascinating thing about it is that it can even pass crash tests when deflated. The science behind it isn’t that complex, instead of the insides looking like an empty deflated balloon, it has one inch of memory foam to help it keep it’s structural integrity after distortion.

If you’re in the US, your child has to weigh 40 pounds and be at least 4yrs old in order to use this booster seat, this is the minimum requirement. The problem here is that experts recommend that kids as old as 4 should be kept in a rear-facing car seat and then slowly transition to a forward facing harness for a few years, due to their physical development.

So despite the minimum requirement, its best your child is 6 before you put them in that booster seat because at that time, their bodies are more physically mature to handle an accident. They’re also more likely to understand why they should stay in the right position.

Setting up and installing the bubblebum

The bubblebum arrives deflated and rolled up so it’s important to inflate it first. If you look at the back corner, you’ll see a valve, just untwist it, blow it and twist it back. If you overinflate it, the seat will feel unstable and a bit uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be inflated to full capacity to work well.


  • It’s really small and light compared to others of similar purpose.
  • It costs only $30, in case you’re a budget traveller.
  • Most kids find it easy to get a hang of, even if it’s their first booster seat.
  • It’s narrow so can fit well in cabs.


  • No head support
  • Can feel unstable if inflated at full capacity
  • There’s no gauge to measure how much air is going in
  • If your child is big, they might not be able to fit comfortably into it

Check it out here: Bubblebum booster seat

Hiccapop Uberboost vs Bubblebum: What are they made of?

The hiccapop Uberboost is an inflatable booster seat that’s made from a heavy duty vinyl material. This makes it waterproof, very durable, but prone to cracks. While the Bubblebum booster seat is made of energy absorbing memory foam, similar to the ones used in life jackets/ life vests. It’s also durable.

Hiccapop Uberboost vs Bubblebum: How much weight can they both take?

There isn’t much difference here actually. The hiccapop Uberboost can take up to 110 pounds of weight, while the bubblebum can take up to 100 pounds of weight.

While the hiccapop is suitable for children aged 5 to 11, the bubblebum holds children aged 4 to 11. However, in terms of how much they weigh, the bubblebum is lighter. It weighs just 1 pound as opposed to the 2 pounds the hiccapop Uberboost weighs.

Hiccapop Uberboost vs gauge: Comfort

Compared to the hiccapop, the bubblebum is slightly smaller and has a smaller surface area. This means that if your child is big, there won’t be enough room for sitting. While the bubblebum tends to slip around easily, most especially if it’s been over inflated, the hiccapop Uberboost has more grip so it doesn’t slip off, and has more room for sitting.

Hiccapop Uberboost vs Bubblebum: What team am I?

I’m actually going for Bubblebum booster seat“>BUBBLEBUM, it just seems to have a lot more going for it than the Uberboost. It’s very light so it can be packed up and carried around easily. It’s narrow so it can fit easily between other passengers or car seat.

Children typically take a few days to get the hang of it because it’s very easy to use.

The downside, however, is that there’s no head support, which is typical of backless boosters. So if your child falls asleep, you’ll have to push him or her into place because they’ll likely tilt one direction. Other than that, I’m team Bubblebum.

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