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Mompush Lithe v2 vs Bugaboo Butterfly

by Jason

Mompush Lithe v2 vs Bugaboo Butterfly

You’re looking for a top notch stroller and you’ve got your sights set on either the mompush lithe v2 or the bugaboo butterfly?

Fortunately you’re in the right place, and I’ll give you a detailed review of the two strollers with their pros and cons, hopefully it’ll help you make an informed decision.

Mompush Lithe v2 stroller

Mompush Lithe v2 vs Bugaboo Butterfly

The mompush lithe v2 stroller already seems to have an advantage due to its popularity. I haven’t seen anybody who used this stroller and had negative things to say about it. Don’t take my word for it, look at the positive reviews online.

It has a nice snack and toy tray, which might sound like nothing until you realize that most strollers you know don’t even have them. The thing weighs 17 pounds and you’d think they compromised on one or two things to get it to be so light but you’ll be shocked how sturdy and well built the structure is. Oh, before I forget, there’s a variety of colors but I for one prefer the deep blue.

There’s a UPF sun protection that does its job remarkably well, some users talked about how they loved how it almost covered the entire body of their child. If you look at the back of the canopy, you’ll find a zipper, unzip it to get even more sun protective material.

Also, at the back of the canopy is a flap, push it aside to reveal a small mesh window for peeking, as well as cross ventilation.

The seat reclines all the way back to an almost flat position.

It also adjusts to 3 positions. For the rainy days, you can use the rain cover that came with the stroller. It’s clear, transparent, and when you want to make use of it, just wear it all over the stroller like a sweater. The baby stays dry, can’t say the same for you.

When it’s no longer raining, fold and store it in the storage chamber located underneath the stroller, which has a maximum capacity of 4.4 pounds.


If you look at the leg rest, you’ll see a zipper that’s been zipped shut. Open it to reveal the bassinet cloth. Fixing the bassinet onto the chassis is quite easy but it’s best I showed you. The steps are at the 2:30 mark of the video.

The stroller can carry up to 40 pounds and can move really well in a variety of terrains. In other words, it has nice maneuverability. It also has a 5 point safety harness to keep your child in place, a front locking set of wheels, an adjustable foot rest, and can easily be folded with one hand.

The Bugaboo butterfly

Mompush Lithe v2 vs Bugaboo Butterfly

The bugaboo butterfly is one of the most recent compact strollers released by bugaboo. Having tried all the other alternatives out there like the ergo metro, babyzen yoyo, and a few others, I can say for a fact that the bugaboo butterfly has an edge.

The chassis is very rigid and sturdy compared to the others. You see, a lot of compact strollers have to sacrifice some level of rigidity in order to achieve that compact status. In order to be able to fold to become so small (hence the name “compact”), there’s going to be a few more joints and attachments, and those areas tend to become weaker with time and use.

Bugaboo butterfly was able to achieve this by reinforcing some areas with metal. The rear and front frames have also been made thicker, probably why it weighs slightly heavier (16 pounds) than other compact strollers out there. I’m very sure you’ll pick carrying a few extra pounds over alignment and wobble issues.

The handlebar has a leather feel, though it isn’t adjustable, most compact strollers don’t have adjustable handlebars. Most adults shouldn’t have a problem with it, except you’re very tall.

Folding and unfolding the Bugaboo Butterfly

To engage the fold, press the button on the bottom of the handlebar first and then quickly press the button at the front of it to engage the quick fold. Sounds like a lot of steps but you’ll be able to do it with one hand easily, it’s a one hand fast folding stroller. There’s also a carry-strap.

To unfold, push the same button and just pull your hand upwards to unfold it. It almost unfolds like a yoyo. The bugaboo butterfly is IATA approved so you can easily travel with it as it can go into overhead storage spaces.

It has a nice amount of space in the sitting area but it doesn’t recline fully, which I’ve heard a few complain about. You can use this for a newborn because you can get additional adapters to accommodate infant seats from cybex, bugaboo, maxi cosi, etc.

The canopy is waterproof, and the material for both the canopy and other parts of the stroller is high quality. It extends fully and gives good coverage. The canopy has a nice mesh peekaboo window for ventilation.

While the footrest looks basic, it isn’t cheaply made. It’s durable enough to withstand a reasonable amount of weight due to how solid and strong the hinges are. The footrest can double as a handle to carry the stroller when you’ve folded it.

It’s wheels are designed to limit drag and resistance when you push it. The middle rims are also raised to reduce wear and tear. I won’t count on the durability of the suspension because it wasn’t designed to handle the vibrations and shaking that comes with pushing it on unfavourable terrains. Most compact strollers aren’t designed for this.

Lastly, it comes with a storage chamber underneath where you can store small items.

Mompush lithe v2 vs Bugaboo Butterfly

I’m sure you’ve gone through the whole explanation to see which one is better. However, as far as my opinion is concerned, I would not directly compare the two because they were designed with very different purposes in mind.

The mompush lithe can manoeuvre through different terrains because it was built for it with nice suspenders. The bugaboo butterfly cannot because it was built bearing frequent travellers in mind, hence the ease of storing in overhead storage chambers. However, it wasn’t built to be rugged.

It all depends on the reason you bought it.

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