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Uppababy Vista 2010

by Jason

Despite the uppababy vista 2010 model being more than a decade old, the whole structure was so well thought out that at the time, people couldn’t believe there was anything left to improve.

It has a very sleek baby carriage, and an extendable handlebar that works really well for tall parents. The uppababy vista 2010 can be folded easily, as well as stored. Not to forget the sizable storage basket that comes with the setup.

The uppababy vista 2010 comes with a foot brake which is very simple to engage and disengage with your foot, as well as rubber wheels that’ll not only make your ride smoother, but also prevent the issue of getting a flat tyre.

There’s an even more comfortable and softer padding on the seat to ensure your child is cushioned. The safety bar and the main seat of the stroller latch on and click much easier.

Some more features of the uppababy vista 2010

  • Sturdy and well built Aluminum frame/chassis
  • Can fold in one step
  • Seat is fully reversible
  • It comes with a bassinet
  • Bassinet and seat are easily interchangeable, no swapping of fabric required
  • Well built shock absorption system
  • Adjustable handle (telescopic one handed)
  • The fabric is easily removable and doesn’t get damaged by washing machine
  • Insect protection (mesh net included)
  • Bassinet is suitable from birth up to 6 months

More of my opinion

There’s a good reason why the stroller was sold out almost immediately after launch, people just kept buying it. Most of the persons who actually used the stroller claimed it was close to the most perfect stroller they could have imagined. Uppababy outdid itself at the time.

I didn’t get the stroller at the time because I already had mine and but I got the chance to interact with my neighbor’s. One of the many striking features (at the time that is) was the fact that it allowed your child to sit in a more upright position. Oh and the seat was 1.5” in height. The bassinet also had an extendable drop-down sun protection (SPF 50+) that was very well ventilated.

The stroller has the option to add more seats but unlike many others with this feature, you can get it off in 15 seconds. You won’t know how important this feature is until you stand in the middle of the road with a screwdriver, frantically yanking on the seats that refuse to budge so you can fold the whole thing.

The seat is huge, I’ll say it again. There’s also a clip-on foot rest that’s lightweight. Your child’s feet won’t be left dangling. Also, the size of the seat makes it possible to accommodate different sizes of your child while they grow. In other words, it’s going to grow with them.

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The seats also come with a canopy so no child is getting burned. Also, there’s a nice amount of room between each seat.

Now I’m more of a bugaboo person so I’m very much used to what smooth maneuvering feels like but oh my, this one takes the cake. Felt very smooth to push around and steer, and the fact that the tyres have foam in them made them lighter with more suspension.

Can the 2010 uppababy vista be a double stroller?

Uppababy Vista 2010

It most certainly can be a double stroller. Not only can you attach another seat, it also attaches comfortably without bumping into each other. In other words, there’s a nice space between one seat and the other.

How can you tell what year an uppababy vista is?

According to uppababy themselves, all uppababy vista have a sticker above the back left wheel indicating the year it was manufactured.

My conclusion

There are many other little touches here and there that made this stroller the king of its time, and something worth getting, even now. It has a height adjustable handle if you’re short, and a floating rear axle if you’re tall (no kick). Also if you’re very conscious of the environment, it’s worth noting that the bassinet is lined with cotton and organic soybean fiber.

Also, you don’t have to worry about punctured tyres and having to pump air into them, since they’re basically foam. I wholeheartedly recommend this product!

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