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Uppababy Vista 2009

by Jason

The uppababy vista 2009 comes with a lightweight body, a reversible seat and a beautiful looking bassinet. Due to the fact that the frame and even the wheels are made from the same kind of alloy used in aircraft, the whole stroller is considerably lighter than it’s competitors. The bassinet weighs 9 pounds while the seat plus the frame weighs 24 pounds.

As for the seat, there’s a foot rest that can be easily adjusted, and when your child sits in it, they’ll be kept secure by a 5-point harness locking mechanism. Sitting opposite the seat is a bumper bar.

The seat is reversible, giving your baby the ability the face you or what’s in front of them. Adjusting the seat to utilize it’s reversibility is easy, you just need to push down the levers on either side of the seat, lift the seat up (which is light by the way), and then rotate it to which ever direction you want it to face.

The seat snaps back in easily with a satisfying click sound. Apart from the click sound you’ll hear, there’s also a color indicator that shows when you’ve locked it in properly. The red color on the lock changes to green when you lock it in.

It (the seat) can support 50 pounds of weight but it’s not very roomy with regards to height. That is, you might find your 4yr old’s head scraping the roof of the seating section.

The uppababy vista 2009 comes with an adjustable handlebar to make up for different heights. Also, the bar is higher up and a bit far from the body of the stroller when it’s extended. This means when you’re pushing it around, your legs won’t accidentally kick the bottom of the stroller.

The 2009 model of the uppababy vista has a large canopy. What’s better, they added an extra spf50 sun protection, giving it about 25 to 30% more protection from sunlight. It has a peekaboo window that has mesh fitting to allow you see the baby without having to walk to the front. Also, the mesh allows air to circulate, keeping the inside more ventilated.

The stroller can glide smoothly over small rocks and gravel, maneuverability is impressive.

Uppababy vista 2009 wheels

The wheels of the uppababy 2009 model are, like the 2010 model, made of puncture-proof, no flat, foam rubber so you won’t have to worry about pumping them or servicing them when they get punctured or flar.

While the back are larger and stiff (they also have a foot brake system), the front wheels are swivel for added maneuvering. They can also be locked in place, just in case you’re crossing a rough terrain that’ll make the stroller start shaking.

Does the uppababy vista 2009 come with a bassinet?

It certainly does come with a bassinet. You just need to pop off the normal seat, and then place the bassinet in, which always goes in the exact same spot as the seat, it clips in the exact place that has the color indicators, and when it’s been locked in, it always faces the direction of the parent or whoever is pushing.

How eco friendly is the bassinet of the uppababy vista 2009?

Uppababy vista 2009

The inside has an organic cotton and soy lining. Just like the uppababy vista 2010.

The bassinet is very well built and sturdy. It has a large canopy, very large I might add. There’s also a removable mattress for you to wash it easily.

The stroller folds easily, all you need to do is push the lever near the handle bar, push the handle all the way down and then when you unsnap the frame and fold it, it has a mechanism that locks it in place. It folds in a standing position.

The uppababy vista 2009 has one feature which parents seem to really love, and that’s the rumble seat. The rumble seat is lightweight and its function is to turn the stroller into a double. It has a sitting capacity of 35 pounds and is mounted behind the main seat. The rumble seat can easily clip on to the frame of the stroller.

Unlike many other strollers with this feature, the rumble seat is very stable when its attached to the frame, as long as you don’t try to exceed the weight capacity. Apart from not detaching when weight is added, it doesn’t tip the stroller over, which is a testament to how balanced the entire system is.

However, just to be safer, it helps to ensure that a child is already sitting in the main seat before another uses the rumble seat, so that the added weight on the main seat will keep it from tipping over when weight is put in the rumble seat. A lot of parents typically ignore this though, and so far nothing has happened. There’s a nice canopy on the rumble seat as well.

Note, you can’t place the rumble seat and the bassinet at the same time on the stroller, there’s not going to be enough room, the bassinet is just too big.


The uppababy vista 2009 checks every box with regards to what i’m looking for in a stroller. Light weight, eco friendly, ease of folding, and manoeuvrability. I’ll give it 4 ⭐️, and that’s only because it doesn’t come with a cup holder.

I recommend you buy this stroller. Uppababy is a brand that continues to outdo itself.

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