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Kinderkraft Nubi 2 Stroller Review

by Jason

We’re going to be talking about a budget friendly, easy to fold stroller by kinderkraft. Advantages, disadvantages in terms of design, ease of use and comfort for both parents and children will be talked about.

The kinderkraft nubi 2 weighs 17.64 pounds, making it very lightweight and easy to move around. The whole frame has a capacity of 52.9 pounds, and most importantly, its very compact when you fold it. As a matter of fact, the kinderkraft nubi folds down to 51.5 by 31.5 by 51 cm.

Looking at child comfort, the kinderkraft nubi can carry up to 49 pounds in the seat alone and an undercarriage basket capacity of about 5 pounds. The stroller has a width of about 33 cm, a total seating length (head to leg rest) of 86 cm. If you take into account the added distance to the front framed mounted foot rest, you’re talking 113cm.

These dimensions are actually greater than most other brands of strollers meant to be ultra compact. However, the distance between the front frame mounted foot rest and the low position seat is quite short, which affects leg positioning if your toddler is a bit older.

In other words, in terms of comfort, the seat is very much okay but the degree of comfort starts diminishing when your child clocks 3. It’s going to get crammed in terms of leg space once your child reaches this age.

The stroller has an almost flat recline and an okay upright position. This is great because this stroller neither has a bassinet or a car seat adapter on sale for extra purchase.

The Textile Quality of the Kinderkraft Nubi 2

The quality of the material is much decent than I would have expected for a stroller of such price. There’s a mesh wall that can easily be opened when the seat is reclined as well as a well ventilated canopy, there are straps put in place to hold back the seat, and a mosquito net you’ll find in a compartment at the leg rest.

Though the sun cover can be fully extended, with an even extra layer, the fact that it’s positioned a bit high means that if your toddler is really young, the sun protection won’t be too thorough. Also, I find the padding to be a bit skimpy and insufficient for my liking.


As far as comfort for the handler goes, the kinderkraft nubi 2 has a non extendable/adjustable handlebar of 105 cm off the ground. Also, the shopping basket is easily accessible from a standing height.

The kinderkraft nubi 2 has some sort of an auto folding feature, that is, if you push a button and put a little bit of weight, it folds all the way by itself. When its folded, the bumper bar becomes a handle for you to use to carry the stroller. The whole unit is compact enough to fit into the trunk of your car easily.

However, the dimensions when folded are over the limit set by the IATA’s cabin luggage requirements, which means its not going to be accepted as a cabin luggage by a lot of airlines.

The chassis is sturdy, and feels rigid to hold. However, the buttons on the folding mechanism, the brakes, and the reclining flaps on the seat feel a bit loose. The size of the tyres means that it’s best suited for driving on smooth surfaces and indoor movements, however, it doesn’t mean it’s useless for minor rough terrain like gravel.


Should you get this stroller? Well, one of the best factors to take into consideration when buying a stroller is durability when related to price. Although there are some small, ignorable issues, overall, the kinderkraft nubi 2 gets a pass for durability. The chassis is well built, the seat is quite roomy, and it folds really well.

However, it doesn’t come with a bassinet, a car seat adapter, and it’s folded form doesn’t pass the IATA’s cabin luggage requirement so that’s something to keep at the back of your mind.

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