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The Joovy Caboose Review

by Jason

The Joovy Caboose stroller was designed with the capability to sit and stand, which means it can carry more than one child at the same time. This stroller is much better than others of similar functions, with its light weight, ease of maneuvering, and small fold being the edge it has over its competitors.


The joovy caboose stroller is a budget friendly, tandem, double stroller which has been built and designed to be decently functional for two.  Its fabric was not built cheaply, as a matter of fact it’s quite durable and the plastic material feels sturdy and built to last.

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The stroller is built to handle up to 90 pounds of weight, which splits it up to 45 pounds per seat. Speaking of seats, the seats here recline almost fully, I’m referring to all the seats on this stroller. The front seat has an adjustable foot rest as well as a snack tray.

Driving this stroller around is really smooth and you can take it confidently to public places like amusement parks, shopping malls because its easy to move through crowds without using a lot of energy to keep it in control. The front seat can be locked if you want, although some would prefer not to because it makes maneuverability easier for them. To each their own I guess.

Folding it is a bit easy, at least for me it is. All you need to do is pull two plastic pieces on the push bar upwards and then fold the whole stroller forward. Since it weighs only 30 pounds, its easy to get it into a car.

More on its folding capabilities

The stroller needs two hands for you to be able to fold it easily. While its easy to be folded, lets just say there are plenty more strollers out there that can be folded much more easily than this one.

You’ll have to pull the release mechanism on both sides at the same time and then bend it over to completely fold it. However, it doesn’t stand on its own when it’s folded, and the locking mechanism is manual. Unfolding it is actually easier. You only need one hand and one step.

More on the storage capabilities

The sliding bench seat makes storage easier to access than the other strollers of similar functions, where the storage is quite difficult to get to. 5 pounds is the maximum weight the storage basket can handle and unfortunately, the access space to put it is small so you’ll struggle to put larger objects into it, even it they weigh less than 5 pounds.

The bin, however, is on matching quality with the bin of other similar strollers. It is medium in size though, and a diaper bag won’t be able to fit inside it.

The few cons of this stroller are

While there’s a basket that’s decently sized, if you decide to use the other seat, your other child sitting in the back will have their foot touching the basket.

Also, while the canopy is fully adjustable and can be moved around, it doesn’t cover both of the children in the stroller simultaneously.

There’s no cup holder/organizer. You’re going to have to either purchase one from them or get a universal cup holder.

Should you buy a joovy caboose?

Apart from the canopy which doesn’t cover everyone, this is a really decent stroller for the price. In fact, the price makes this pretty much a steal.

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