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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

by Jason

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller:

The Gazelle S Stroller Modular Double Stroller for infants is an ideal choice because the seat can face any direction and can also be easily removed. It can also easily turn into a double stroller.

It has a massive stroller basket that has combined holding capacity of 50 pounds. The Gazelle S stroller is designed in such a way that your baby can sleep peacefully while you’re on the go, and if awake, your child can have a good look at where you’re going with the help of the front facing ride position.

The stroller is meant to accommodate infants that are 6 months or older.

Apart from being able to be turned into a double stroller by adding additional toddler seats, the stroller can also hold some other accessories like snack trays, kid boards and cup holders. Oh, it also has four wheels for seamless maneuverability and comfort.

Brief explanation of the Cybex Gazelle S

Everything you need to know before buying the Cybex gazelle s

Out of the box, you’ll notice that the fabrics feel kind of comfy to the touch. The chassis comes in either taupe or pure black. If you choose the one with the taupe chassis, you’ll notice that the handlebar is of leatherette material, while that of the black chassis is made of foam.

The hood will give your child full coverage because it’s extendable, with a mesh opening at the center for ventilation and for you to see what your baby’s doing.

Regardless of your height, you’d still be able to push the stroller comfortably because the handle bar can extend like a telescope.

The seat is very durable and comfortable due to the soft padding, and the material used makes it easy to wipe it clean. It is adjustable and can be made to recline, the foot rest is also adjustable.

(see also: Zelia Luxe Stroller and Micro Luxe Infant Car Seat 5-in-1 Modular Travel System

I couldn’t help but notice just how bouncy the whole unit is, and it’s because of the suspension unit intended to absorb shock.

Everything you need to know before buying the Cybex gazelle stroller s

In it’s folded form

The Cybex Gazelle S folds in perfect one piece, so you don’t have to remove any part. Once you fold it, you’ll see a handle that allows you carry it like a briefcase


  • It has a compact fold which allows you to easily store it in the trunk of your car.
  • It’s four wheel design makes strolling much easier.
  • It’s very customizable, supporting over 20 different seat configuration, as well as cots or any other Cybex infant car seat.
  • You’ll be getting a detachable shopping basket.
  • Your child is protected from the rain because it comes with a canopy and rain cover.
  • The structure is comfortable for the parent as well, with adjustable handle length. It feels strong and solid in your hands as you push it
  • It has big puncture—free tyres, reducing the need for incessant maintenance.


  • The textiles used are of slight minimal padding, and the canopy, although effective in providing sun protection is only single layered.
  • The seats are a bit shorter than expected of a midsized stroller model.
  • Due to the tandem seat size, the stroller isn’t very good as a single child model, but okay for a pair of children with a close age gap.
  • The chassis of the unit is a bit long, which makes it quite difficult to tilt it backwards when going up a curb, for instance.

It’s braking system is quite prone to wear and tear due to the fact that it’s a wire-based set of brakes without the ability to control the tension of the wires.


The Cybex Gazelle S is very durable, comfortable to handle, and user friendly. It’s a popular choice among new parents because it’s just great value for money.

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