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3 Best Strollers For 4yr olds (2023)

by Jason

3 Best Strollers For 4yr olds (2023)

You’ll agree with me that picking a stroller for a big child is different from picking one for a newborn. Some might argue that it’s not even necessary to pick one for a 4yr old, but it is, the catch is that you’ll have to use it in a different way than you will a newborn.

It might not even be the parents alone, some kids won’t want to be inside any stroller when they clock 3. Others would prefer a tricycle, or their own legs.

However, there are times when you might end up having to walk long distances with your child. There are other times they might have a medical condition forbidding them from straining their little legs. A stroller in this case would be an ideal choice.

Before you buy a stroller, you need to prioritize your needs first, not what’s trending, and not the cheapest one you can find. Could be reclining abilities, space, accessories, whatever your needs might be.

If you’ve got that sorted out, we’ve brought out 3 of the best strollers for 4yr olds which we hope will help you make informed decisions and choices.

If you’re looking for space, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is what you should consider

Strollers for 4yr olds

Although the baby jogger city mini gt2 doesn’t have a reversible seat, it still has a ton of other advantages over the more popular 4-wheeled varieties. It has a weight of about 22 pounds and a holding capacity of 66 pounds. For perspective, a 4yr old weighs about 40 pounds on average.

This is as a result of the fact that the size of the seat has been increased, because this model of stroller is 3-wheeled, leaving extra space for a larger seat.

The canopy of the baby jogger city mini gt2 can be adjusted to go higher. This is designed to leave enough room for older children. This in combination with a full recline and a strong leg rest will assure your child of maximum comfort.

What I enjoyed a lot about using the stroller is the easy fold mechanism, which has long been a favorite of many parents. To activate it, in case you’re not familiar with it, all you need to do is pull the strap of the seat upwards and then the chassis of the whole stroller will collapse into the middle.

In the older version, there were cases of accidental folding, however, in this model, the problem has been addressed by adding a pair of extra straps which could be buttoned to the rear frame.

The fabric of the baby jogger mini is prone to sun fading over time, however, it’s still sturdy. It’s also quite a hassle to remove whenever washing is required.

The wheels are 8.5 inches and the entire unit is ruggedly built to withstand what a wide variety of small and even mid sized strollers out there won’t dare to withstand. It has added shock absorption to withstand a good amount of vibration and shaking.

Should you buy the baby jogger city mini gt2 stroller?

Absolutely, you should go for this brand. Despite the fact that it might have a few flaws such as some structural weaknesses including plastic discs in the folding mechanism, and loss of the handle crossbar, the shock absorption mechanism has been greatly improved upon. Compare this to what you see on the market with regards small sized strollers and you’ll clearly appreciate how much of a unit this stroller is.

2. If you need one for multiple kids, consider the Larktale Caravan Coupe (review)

Strollers for 4yr olds

The larktale caravan coupe is one stroller that is well suited for kids 6 months and above, so it’ll work right for your 4yr old. It can hold up to 65 pounds per seat (remember a child of 4yrs old typically weighs less than 50 pounds) and about 147 pounds as its overall weight capacity, this includes cargo.

The stroller is compatible with soundbar speaker, solar charger, ride-along stroller board, bluetooth speaker, and a stroller fan. However, you’ll have to buy them separately.

The stroller can hold 2 growing kids comfortably, and both the kids will be seated in individual reclining seats. There’s also a foot rest (it’s shared) for added comfort. It’s easy to fold too.

Double and adjustable sun protection/canopy with an openable flap for cross ventilation, as well as a peekaboo window.

This stroller, while being more compact, offers almost all the benefits of a large stroller. An ideal choice for parents who don’t have enough space in their vehicle for a bigger stroller, yet don’t want to compromise on quality. All the seats can be reclined individually, delivered on passenger’s taste.

Some safety features

  • It has a 5- point safety harness to prevent your child from falling.
  • There’s a fold lock mechanism in place to keep it folded when you want to store or transport it.
  • The wheels don’t have air in them, they’re made entirely or rubber so you won’t run into problems related to punctured tires and air pressure.
  • If you’re moving it on unstable terrain, there’s the option to lock the front wheels to prevent it from swaying about when it starts vibrating.

Should you buy the Larktale Caravan Coupe?

If you’re looking to move more than one kids around at the same time, and your car isn’t fully equipped to hold a large stroller, why not go for this one that can fit into smaller vehicles and also carry big kids? Plus, it has a manufacturer’s limited warranty of 2yrs.

3. The Joovy Caboose

Strollers for 4yr olds

The joovy caboose stroller is a budget friendly, tandem, double stroller which has been built and designed to be decently functional for two.  Its fabric was not built cheaply, as a matter of fact it’s quite durable and the plastic material feels sturdy and built to last.

see also: How to Fold Joovy Double Stroller

The stroller is built to handle up to 90 pounds of weight, which splits it up to 45 pounds per seat. Speaking of seats, the seats here recline almost fully, I’m referring to all the seats on this stroller. The front seat has an adjustable foot rest as well as a snack tray.

Driving this stroller around is really smooth and you can take it confidently to public places like amusement parks, shopping malls because its easy to move through crowds without using a lot of energy to keep it in control. The front seat can be locked if you want, although some would prefer not to because it makes maneuverability easier for them. To each their own I guess.

Folding it is a bit easy, at least for me it is. All you need to do is pull two plastic pieces on the push bar upwards and then fold the whole stroller forward. Since it weighs only 30 pounds, its easy to get it into a car.

The few cons of this stroller are

While there’s a basket that’s decently sized, if you decide to use the other seat, your other child sitting in the back will have their foot touching the basket.

Also, while the canopy is fully adjustable and can be moved around, it doesn’t cover both of the children in the stroller simultaneously.

There’s no cup holder/organizer. You’re going to have to either purchase one from them or get a universal cup holder.

Should you buy a joovy caboose?

Apart from the canopy which doesn’t cover everyone, this is a really decent stroller for the price. In fact, the price makes this pretty much a steal.

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